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What in the world? It happened at the chapel, and it's amazing!

Well, not every activity that happens at the chapel is wedding related, as most of you know. Today's fun activity was cinnamon roll baking with Cindy Cashion, using The Pioneer Woman's recipe. Amazing, as always, and this little picture is Cindy's dozen (or actually 11...we nibbled) headed home to her house. Richard will certainly love these as much as Denise and I will, and while they're not the easiest thing to make, they're certainly worth the effort in the end! chapel land......we're excited to meet E&C tomorrow, and also go over S&R's wedding vows for their big day. The green bathroom is still torn up getting a badly needed new floor rework, but Brandie was here yesterday and the whole place shines! The cleanup from Cinnamonrolllapaloosa is pretty well done, and we'll be ready for our visits tomorrow. Thank goodness we'll have cinnamon buns to share! Fortunately, it looks like the surface flooring in the bathroom can be re-installed with the new subfloor, so all is well.

Loved 'praying the alphabet' before sleeping last night. Went from A to Z coming up with folks I know that could use a prayer or two, and it felt great. I've read that our lives move in an even greater grace if we can pray for others before ourselves. I think there may be something to that! Less than a week to go before we celebrate the Christ Child's birth! Have a great rest of the week...

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