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A custom-crafted motorcar honeymoon with vintage/retro hotels/motels as destinations?

Maybe it's just the Boss and I that think this kind of honeymoon has potential. It wouldn't be for everyone, but there's something about a retro motor-trip to key vintage motels that could be mapped out and discovered. So many of them are located near unique sights and points of interest. Just a thought. We did an online search for ourselves for some overnights, and came across some really neat vintage haunts that look like fun. Just a thought...just a thought. This photograph is of the outstanding Rocket Motel in Custer, SD from last summer's vacation road trip. Really a neat spot along the way, and certainly vintage perfection...

Progress continues today on 'fix the bathroom floor' in the chapel, while we look forward to a nice visit with Evelyn for our Christmas exchange. We might even get to do a little shopping and actually got some done last night as well. Enjoyed a truly outstanding Christmas luncheon yesterday with the delightful Sheri Joseph, and are already looking forward to seeing the Cashions tomorrow. Love this time of the year and the fun, small groupings that make the holiday great. Hopefully, I'll get some Orange Leaf frozen yogurt today, since that's one of my Georgetown treats, but....we'll see. A little chilly out there still, but apparently, it's not to freeze for a while, which is a blessing!

The bible verse that jumped at me yesterday was basically, "Here I am, Lord". Kinda love that. It makes us available to whatever He needs us to do. I always love the concept of us being His hands and feet on this earth at this time, and I guess if we make ourselves available....all kinds of wonderful things could happen. Shall we try it? Blessings to all for a relaxed, in-control, no-stress, pre-Christmas Saturday. It's a choice only you can make.

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