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Matching Mugs that Reflect the Couple's Style... Winter Wedding Fun!

The only thing better than freshly brewed coffee, exotic tea or decadent hot chocolate at your wedding is a unique, love-inspired keepsake mug. The mug needn't be a 'monogrammed' or 'personalized' item, but a relatively inexpensive.but.unique mug that's just right for the couple. This vintage Buick mug right here fits the bill, from my perspective.....course, that's just ME! We just love this great mug from Angie's Attic in Athens, Texas...since it kind of has a holiday feel with the snow, a mid-50's GM theme, and those whitewalls... boy howdy!

Cozy day today, although the temperature is supposed to be 64 degrees when I head into town at 11a. Not complaining about that, and the top may even be down! Working on FINALLY getting the floor in the green bathroom at the chapel shored up, and the work is progressing nicely. Still have to do my quasi-hippie painting magic on the new dishwasher, but that'll apparently happen when it does! Things are kind of torn up down there, but I've always loved the phrase 'pardon our progress'! The annual tea balloon arch is also FINALLY completely taken down, and I only smell a little like latex. That smell really permeates clothing when you're working with it. Yuck! The game plan is to plant Red Corn Poppies this afternoon so they'll look great for the springtime.... We'll see what happens!

Loving the bible reading that I've started in the last 30 days. Feeling connected, and feeling even another nice guidance element into daily living, giving and loving. Give it a shot! One phrase at a time! That's how I'm doing it! Blessings to all for a tremendous day!

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