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Always ready to depart for the wedding night of your dreams.......

Love the way Miss Alice Fleetwood is kind of tucked in the 'take off' position here, ready to sweep a bride and groom to their first night as husband and wife. That Miss Alice....always ready to make the evening special and always so elegantly good looking!

An exciting week at the chapel that started on Monday morning! A certain excellent couple was in dire need of a venue for their wedding, since their current location got rained out. Never fear...Caliber Oak is here! It's been a delight planning a wedding and making things happen in a VERY short period of time with a VERY different space/layout than they'd originally planned. Regardless of the weather, we're having a smashing wedding here for these two, and have truly enjoyed getting to know them. ....otherwise, Sheri got to come out for lunch today, Dave has been shooting things in the pasture left and right, and we even got to go to Angie's birthday party! ...currently sausages on the grill, a toasty fire in the bedroom and some good Salado Public Library book reading on tap for tonight!

He provides. Always. It's a wonderful journey when we realize the blessings, challenges and new people He puts in our lives, sometimes unexpectedly, every day are just exactly what's supposed to happen! Rock on, Boss! Blessings to all for a tremendous wind down of the week!

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