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This could be the start of something cool!

After we got the car barn cleaned out enough to give EmmyLou (the 1951 Chevrolet) her own room, we realized we still had several old windows that were just kind of rotting there in the building. Well, I brought this one up to the main house (love the mud dobber nest!) and after getting corner strengthened, it looks like this could end up being some kind of neat hanging project for the chapel with some white/offwhite stenciling/painting/lettering. We'll see what happens. Met with my style/art guru, Mrs. Cindy Cashion yesterday, and she's all for the idea! Stay tuned, and we'll see what happens!

Well, the heat lamp of summer is officially in the 'off' position this morning, as our earliest temp check was a balmy 52 degrees. Expected to be rainy and cooler all week, so we're hunkering in with hot chai tea, nibble foods, and moving the bed in our bedroom so that we can enjoy the fireplace for another season. We're about 1 hour away from lighting the first fire of the fall in the parlor this morning to take the chill off. While it's sad to see summer go, we also love the fun and frivolity of the fall weather, holidays, and the fresh gifts He provides every day! ...Heather and Richard's wedding was tremendous this weekend, and everyone had such a great time. It's such a joy to help make special days like this happen, and we're certainly doing what we're meant to do. We couldn't do it alone, and our team is amazing, so we're all blessed, all the way around! ...Yesterday's picnic with the Cashions was tremendous as always, and our next picnic will carry the "Peaky Blinders" theme originally scheduled for yesterday's air date. Richard and I have to find two, lightweight, patterned vests for this dress up affair, and I'm on it! ...Roses are blooming beautifully and we're thankful to be alive in such a special place!

He continues to provide, and always will. Timetable, timetable, timetable. It's not by our clock, but in His time, so just sit back, recline your seat, bring down that tray table, and enjoy the bounty that only He can provide for your life! Have an excellent 'unofficial' first week of fall!

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