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Kind of an impressionist rose bush kinda thing!

This photo turned out really kind of cool, and it's such a blessing to have roses in bloom at this time of the year! Cooler temperatures, combined with MASSIVE amounts of wonderful rain have made rose blossoms prolific for the last 2 weeks at the chapel. They'll be so lovely for this weekend's festivities!

Gravel delivered today so that I don't get muddy washing cars! Trail cameras getting tweaked for the bow hunting and a second feeder being updated to bring in even more activity. Clearly, nobody is going hungry after deer season this year! .... More setup in the works for this weekend's event and also a fun visit with "Mary and the Moms" later today. Going to need to shovel up some gravel from the rains and also get the lawn mower down to the gate and the chapel courtyard to cut down some 'turkeyfoot' and other weeds that have sprung up since the rains have stopped. More rain is predicted for the next 10 days, but we never complain about that.....since we all know what it looks like here in July and August! :) ...Long pants and sweatshirt weather this morning, but looking sunny, clear and fall-outstanding out there today!

He's fixing us and supporting us every step of the way. Just ask Him for help, and it's yours! Blessings to all for a tremendous Thursday and a phenomenal start to the weekend tomorrow!

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