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Are you ever just in the mood for a little Carmon & Ben?

Days are just a little brighter with a little Carmon and her Hus-Ben sprinkled on top! While they continue to move further away from their little wedding chapel-0-love, (Alaska now, really?!?!?), We continue to wish them well and keep them in their prayers as they move forward in this excellent adventure called marriage!

A fab.u.locity visit this weekend with our dear friends, Naju and Bomi, and they bought the MGB while they were here! Woohooo! Bridget has a new home, and we couldn't be happier for them! Visited, ate, drank, and even got to be part of the fun of the Sirena Fest, so it was a wonderful stay all the way around. We've already got our next visit date on the calendar and can't wait for our 1/2 way meet-up in San Angelo! ....otherwise, EmmyLou is working through some electrical issues, and we're excited for the Hobbs Family Photo Shoot (HFPS) to happen very soon. ...... getting ready for another wonderful wedding very soon, and loving all the flowers in bloom from the gentle rains this weekend and before.

He has plans for all of us. He helps us make changes so that we're prepared for the plans, and never leaves us unprepared. All we have to do is follow. Blessings to all for a tremendous new week being born, and for making the most of each day!

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