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This color palette says, "Wedding Serenity"...

We have a wedding on the books in which the colors of this photograph will grace the table, and we cannot wait! The first time this combination of juniper and teal has been used this way in the chapel, and the theme is 'bringing the outdoors in'. It's going to be natural, woodsy, and genuinely unique. This excellent couple knows what they want and the color choices and decor are certainly in keeping with who they are! Again, cannot wait! Bring on the pinecones and buffalo check, y'all!

An excellent day at the chapel. Quiet, reflective and perfection in the weather department. Everything is so very green from our blessed rains in the last 30 days, and the lantana flowers in the circle are about as tall as we are! They've never been this big before! Had an excellent skeet shoot yesterday with a fun collection of shooters, and even got to throw the dice a little. Brandie has been making the chapel amazingly shiny, and we've got special guests coming this weekend, so we're very glad. Miss EmmyLou is at the spa getting some work done, and should be back in time for the Hobbs family photo shoot (HFPS) this weekend! Can't wait to show her off and have a great visit with Clan Hobbs again. ...hoping to be able to do some Mermaid Fest activities this weekend while we re-share our precious Village with our visitors from Pecos. interesting project has risen on the horizon... Antique window frames with glass that are kind of in the way in the car barn, stencils, and some white paint....hmmmmm. Will be contacting the craft guru, Cindy Cashion, to discuss the concept....stay tuned! ...even got more champagne glasses for the chapel this weekend! Productive all the way around!

His healing, grace and strength are beyond measure. Thank you, Father, for all you have done and continue to do in our lives on a daily basis. Blessings to all for a FANTASTICO week! (said in the voice of Dr. Richard Cashion!)

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