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Such a tranquil shot as evening approaches...

This is such a nice, easy, and warm shot of the chapel on the day of Laura & Ty's wedding. Perfect ending to the most lovely and perfect day. We want to thank John Self for sending these photos over to us...they're just so sincere and capture the day perfectly. That tranquility and calm is something that we like to work towards and achieve for every wedding here!

Well, I just checked my lottery tickets from last saturday, and I didn't win, so I guess I'll be doing some chapel chores today! :) Still working on getting the rocker panel chrome mouldings over to Bob at Cap.A.Bus to see if he can help with that, and if we don't get rained out this evening, we'll have a little extra help in the car washing department. ... Heard from a delightful bride yesterday who had an excellent time here at the Sanderford wedding, and is excited to come book the chapel for her own special day! Always wonderful when a bride/groom come who've had some experience with a real wedding here and know how absolutely magical it can be! ... otherwise, rolling along on little tasks.....

Loved the quote I saw on facebook about evoking the angels among us. I kind of forget that from time to time, but love to pray the phrase "All ye Saints and Angels pray for us". Always makes me feel like I'm not alone! Give it a shot, and have an excellent mid-week!

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