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These two just need a canoe, and we'd have the Love Boat! The photographs taken of their wedding day rival the best we've seen, and their genuine care and excitement for and with each other is remarkable. We say it often, but we were so honored to help make their day so very special. From start to finish, this day had the hallmarks of love, caring and genuine hospitality. Best wishes to you both, and thanks to John and Angel for sharing these excellent photos! We want to give photo credit for all of them, so let us know how that should look!

An adventure in a short amount of time this morning. Headed to Belton in the delightful Hydrangea (our beloved '97 BMW Z3!) with a flat tire from our '51 Chevrolet and a laundry list of stops and errands. Thankfully, tire was fixed with NO CHARGE! (everyone, please support Jones Home & Auto in Belton!) While I was at Wally World, one of my favorite (and newest!) brides of all time emailed me an said 'we're on, cowboy'! S&T are going to make their life officially into one entity on a day in the very new future. It's kind of our second celebrity wedding, but they were at the first 'celebrity' wedding, so I guess it makes sense that they chose us! We're already making plans and looking forward to their best-est of days here at the Chapel! So much do do, but it'll all get done and be magnificent! Thank you, S&T for trusting us with this wonderful event! other news......... Dave is coming out soon to feed deer feeders....just in time to avoid helping put the new tire on EmmyLou...heheheh. Also, James is coming out to help us out with some cleanup projects. We are so blessed by our friends, brides and grooms.....we love how we all end up being friends in the end and having so much fun!

He provides the answers. We don't believe in luck, but we believe in Divine Providence, which is WAY better than the odds at the Mineral Palace in Deadwood! Lean on Him when you need to know where to put your 'chips' in real life. He's a great Dealer, and our beloved and faithful Father! Roll on, y'all! Have a blessed rest of the Wednesday!

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