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The donations are already fluttering into the fishbowl for Sunday's event!

We started planning this event last winter and are so thankful it's coming to fruition! Wags, Hope and of our favorite rescue the beneficiary of game night this Sunday. We've had several lovely folks already stop by and mail in contributions for the event, even though they can't be here! Brandie Grant helped us upgrade to a cool fishbowl for the proceeds, and they're planning to come as well. If anyone is interested, and hasn't let Denise know, please do give her a call at 254.760.1590! We'd love to have you here, and we're already setting the room up for the event.

Lots of fun at the Chapel this weekend, with the booking of A&R's great wedding, along with an excellent visit with the planning team for M&P's big day! "We love it when a plan comes together", and they ALWAYS do at weddings @ the chapel! Had fun skeet shooting at Caliber Oak this weekend, a little work on Miss Emmy Lou, a bit of rain last night, and life is good all around.

His divine healing is our greatest gift. Healing our hurts, healing our bodies, healing our minds. Always with us, always there. Reach out to Him today if you haven't and say 'thanks'! Hope everyone has a fun-filled day of joy and happiness!

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