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Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'hot wax'! Wow!

I just realized, as I looked at this picture on the blog post that this whole scene reminds me of being in the garage in Cherry Valley at Grandma Eifer's in the 60's/70's. The same oil-based smells and genuine mechanics... Anyway.....Miss Emmy Lou was given her first 'hot wax' (since it was 100 degrees when it happened) treatment yesterday, and she's shining as a result. The top of the car must have been painted not terribly long before Shane and Julie got her, and it's in really great shape. The wax just about melted into the paint, so I think this buff will stay buff for a while! So lovely. Love the two-tone. That's what called us to her. Today, we were blessed with progress in another way. Cap put the trim rail down the center of the hood, managed to get the hood ornament on, and even ordered a hood badge that's just right for 1951. The badge is beat up, corroded, and worn...just like Cap! Hoping it fits when it arrives from Ebay, and if it doesn't, we'll re-engineer the badge Shane provided with the car. Such a fun project that I didn't even know I needed. After a few first doubts, we are fully realizing that this little gem will end up in many wedding photo albums in the years to come. She's a doll!

Many congratulations are in order for M&P, who booked their wedding yesterday with their delightful and tremendously dedicated parents. It will be a wonderful celebration, and all will be excellent. .... in the meantime...just trying to keep plants alive in 107-109 degree heat and The Boss is doing the lion's share of this. Not too much else going on at the chapel today, but looking forward to some more "Call the Midwife" tonight, sweet Italian sausage on the grill and beloved, cool, temperature controlled, air conditioning. ahhhhhhhhh.

He's listening. He's watching. He's directing. Sounds a lot like Gary Askins, but this Guy is bigger than Gary and I both! Bless you, dear Father for your gifts, your love and your dedication to your children. We cannot evah, evah, thank you enough! Have a wonderful day, y'all!

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