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Can one really have too much vintage pattern? Methinks NOT!

One of our trademark looks here at Caliber Oak is pattern on pattern on pattern! Some love it, and it causes OCD overload for others. So thankful, our newest bride, Brittany, is going for a patterned textile look for her big day, and it'll be amazing! In this photo, we're preparing for a proud moment with Assistant Chief Jason Smith of the PPD, and toasted him and his promo with a bottle of champagne avec Chambord. Mais Oui! Waterford crystal, vintage waverly, portugese glass and tin trimmings were all around. Why be boring, when your wedding can be so very distinct, fun and visually memorable?

Great day at the chapel today. Miss Emmy Lou has just had her final wax coat on her hood and front fenders. M&P are coming to visit the chapel today to plan their dream wedding, and I'm even going to spray paint a little of Emmy Lou's trim and attempt to get some hood rails attached. The only issue is that at 11:40 a.m. in the carport, I was already sweating like a po-po, so we'll see how far we get. Praise the Lord for Air Conditioning, and God Bless YOU, Mr. Carrier! ... Otherwise, it's looking like a Popeye's fried chicken night and some more of the excellent "Call The Midwife" this evening. .... Still need to wax Emmy Lou's roof, but that may wait until 8pm if it ever gets that cool! The odd thing is that the Grant's and our Texas sage bushes are blooming to beat the band, which usually means rain! Let. Us. Pray! .... All will be well, since He provides, but shade, hydrate, and smile like a glass of sweet tea, people!

...His eye is on the sparrow. Guess who the sparrow is. :) Thank you, Jesus, for watching over us and the folks we love. We love the stuff you continue to do for us! Have a great day, y'all!

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