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We love promoting our beloved chapel at special events!

Salado's Historic Days was a great chance to get to meet and greet folks and talk about our wonderful chapel. We got great compliments on our classy little booth (the vintage cutwork lace and buffalo check cloth were pretty danged cool). The boss got to play her flute, and got lots of applause, while Cap was dressed in old-west finery and a .45 long colt on his hip. Saw so many new and old friends, and almost survived the 95 degree heat! Denise had to head off to play a wedding in Waco, while the Cap collapsed off-stage in the a/c! Finally figured out the problem we were having with the pink barbie tent, and the great news is that Caliber Oak has it's own, new, really cool additional LARGER tent that's so exciting, we cannot wait to take it to the beach! Many thanks to the Village of Salado, Chadley, Madeline, Linda, Cathy, and everyone who made this event possible! Also, very special thanks to the talented mud-slinger, Titia, who talked us into being seen outside the ranch for a change! It was fun!

Minor finishing touches and tidying up for the big weekend at the chapel. Floors are shiny, chairs are scrubbed, and everything is in place for the big day. Getting busy on the list tomorrow morning for event prep, but it's all under control. ...Rumor has it that there may be a little law enforcement coyote spotting tonight at the pasture....but certainly only a rumor at this point! Tomorrow is wedding rehearsal, and we might even jump in the spa at some point and even give Miss Bridget Jones a spin into town. Her price gets reduced this week in the 'Dutch Auction' method, so one day soon, she'll be living elsewhere and having a grand time! Miss Marian Arnaz (a.k.a. our '71 Cadillac Eldorado convertible) took an amazingly smooth ride into town with me today while we visited the tourism office, post office and even Ace Hardware! Miss Alice Fleetwood is currently under the Christian care of Troy...some congestive compressor and accumulator issues....but she's sure to be back on the road and blowing icy cold a/c within the next 10 days!

He's teaching us every day, and alive and well. Things don't always go the way we think they should or we'd like......but THAT is part of the growth, fun and experience of being His most loved children. Rock it, y'all! It's there for the taking! Blessings for a great start to the weekend tomorrow, and we can't wait to meet you, C&J!

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