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Not every wedding memory is flowers, rice and shoes!

Every bride and groom who have trusted us with their largest of days has touched our heart in a specific and genuine way. Sometimes, it's about how the families blended so beautifully, maybe the DJ was, or maybe the bride remembered how important it was to keep Cap on his daily dose of French champagne.... but.... So many memories live on. When Heather and Robert were married here, she scoured the countryside and cityside for relatively matching cups and saucers for a very beautiful and unique succulent display on her dining tables for the reception. The two cups above contained the two we were was everyone in attendance. It's really fun to see her post of FB on their anniversary week...."ok, show me how much you've grown"! We lost last year, but have replanted and plan to show VERY well this year! ...The fact that Heather and Robert made this very special place their very own for the most wonderful of days means the world to us. I'm always amazed at how much brides and grooms trust us....Miss Denise says we're worthy of the trust :). So, the echoes of big days come down to photos of new babies who are truly "Caliber Oak" babies because mommy and daddy were married here....... sometimes it's the sharing of grief and trauma that gets us all through during the life after the thrown rice.... And then sometimes - at least one time - it's a pair of freshly scrubbed-out cups and saucers that we enjoy our dinner soup in on a random Monday night. We look down, and realize that these two (H&R) will always be a part of our collective experience, and we're somehow just a little closer to them by cherishing and sharing something that was an element from their day. God has truly prepared and chosen the boss and I for this tremendous honor that couple's give us, and just for the record...we never forget it. Thank you, all.

Well, I just re-read the part of the post above and can now return to the screen with dry eyes! :) Today was interesting. Praise the Lord for the rain that is so most def needed! Decided to take a little load off the boss today and head to the groceria to get stuff for supper, etc.... Unfortunately, Miss Alice Fleetwood's new air-conditioning makeover didn't go so well, so we headed to Temple, instead. Troy and Company immediately put her in the sick bay, and handed me a smooth, cool while Lincoln Town Car to get me to grocery land and home in style. They're the best.........even when I show up cranky! :) ........ Still raining as I type this, which is amazingly wonderful for our time of the year. So very excited to have C&J coming to tour the chapel this week, along with several others, AND preparations are almost done for L&T's grand adventure with the coolest of families starring in a matrimonial celebration! ......never bored....that's for sure! ........ Please, btw, if you don't mind, keep Margo, Mary, and Linda in your prayers...they're on our current prayerlist and extra chiming-in couldn't hurt! We continue to pray for new brides and grooms to come discover the magic, and would appreciate your prayers in that direction as well. Um, it keeps the lights on! :)

He leads through darkess and shines through light. Never a moment are we without Him, and our failings can never total all He feels and loves for us. Have a smashing rest of the week, y'all!

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