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What a great picture of Caliber Oak's NEWEST Couple!

Can you feel the excitement and happiness in this photo?!?!?? Even John looks pretty happy in the background, and it's all because Kerry and Justice tied the knot at the chapel! What an excellent wedding all the way around, and the music, food and fun were wildly abundant! Everything went off without a hitch, and things went beautifully (as always!). Kerry looked amazing in her dress, and since the place was filled with lots of beauty professionals, the guests weren't too shabby, either! It was so great having a wedding here where we knew so many of the guests! Since we knew both sides of the couple's families, there wasn't really a stranger in the house. Many years of happiness for these two as the move through life from one zany antic to another! :)

Setting up for THIS weekend's grand event for M&V is underway, and we're pretty much ahead of schedule already. Things are looking light and airy for this magical wedding, and we're glad we'll be inside! The temps really have jumped in the last couple of weeks, and Summer isn't technically here yet! We'll survive, as we always do, and can't wait for Saturday's big fun. ...we had the delightful Kaitlyn come and visit yesterday, and really enjoyed meeting her as she selects a wedding venue. ...Outdoor furniture is being freshened, the yard is being trimmed and linens are being steamed. All in all, what we like to call "Wednesday" in the wedding world!

Quiet moments of prayer really help us be more generous and in-tune with where we should be headed. Love the feeling of peace and wellness when we can take a few moments during the day and during the night to center and focus on Him. Blessings to all for a tremendous rest of the week!

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