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The ringleaders of the "Stickel Squad" were in the house for WHD!

Who traveled the furthest for Wedding Homecoming Dinner this year? That's right, Kristi & Lynn! All the way from Arizona! We were so thrilled to have them here, and so glad they could 're-visit' their special place from their special day. Denise is working with Jennifer and me to get the photos of all our WHD couples out here little by little....but I'm usually the hold up....we'll get there. Patience. Patience!

A red-letter day at the chapel today! Lorie & Keith were here to set up for their spectacular wedding celebration in just a very short time. Things look great, and she's using color combinations we haven't in the past, and we love it! Lots of beautiful lace and a genuine sense of fun, celebration and family! Counting the minutes, and also so very thankful for our team that will be assisting us in making their wedding dream come true! ...otherwise...step progress on the South side of the chapel continues tomorrow morning, and we're hoping for MAJOR progress! Thankfully, the weather looks great for both tomorrow's continued construction AND the wedding! Woohoo! .....can't wait to eat their food, btw! :)

He's in charge of it all. All of it....even the messy stuff, the stuff we don't want to deal with and the stuff that's painful out of the blue. He's got this. He always will. Thanks, Big Guy, for taking such great care of us, always! Blessings to all for a productive and celebratory weekend!

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