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Can we get you a little vintage with that wedding?

One of the genuinely excellent parts of being able to custom craft each and every wedding at the chapel is the opportunity to use our personal collection of cool, old stuff! From antique cups and saucers, to vintage cake plates, to one.of.a.kind old-school dinner plates, etc., it's all like no other place we know. So many of our brides are swept away by the vintage elegance and rustic uniqueness of our special place. We're so blessed by the facility, but also so very blessed that just.the.right brides and grooms come to trust us with their biggest of days! Thank you, God!

...Preparation begins TODAY on L&K's big day, and we can't wait! Tables up, light the lights, get some chargers out for use... Going to be wonderful. Angie is headed this way in a little while to make the cleanliness factor happen, and we'll get started with the setup. ... Progress being made on the side steps, and it's going as quickly as possible. The rain hasn't helped, but we need it so badly that we're not complaining! Crafting for Kite Fest is also happening at the chapel this week, so we certainly won't be bored! ....oh, and I'm trying something new with this blog's posting on FB. I'm not having much luck posting it as "Chapel at Caliber Oak" but accidentally did it to my personal page the other day. So..........guess I'll try posting it to my personal page and then sharing it w/the chapel page? We'll see what happens!

He's working behind the scenes. We have good days and but He loves us through them all. Thank You for your love, Big Guy!

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