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Live music just MAKES a wedding, don't you think?

WE laugh around here that I'm contractually required to promote the Salado Trio to our bride's and grooms, but in actuality, it's not too tough! They've played for many weddings here (and the price is discounted if the wedding is at Caliber Oak!) and I think every family who has utilized the Trio has been very well satisfied. I see and hear of lots of positive feedback, notes, messages and calls from families and couples who tell Denise that the music was 'amazing' and that it certainly did make their daughter/son's/own day more memorable and special. Even if you're not having your wedding at Caliber Oak (I question your judgement, but ok... :)) Be sure to consider the Salado Trio to make your wedding day stand out from all the others!

Crafting begins in the chapel in T minus 22 minutes and counting. Today's project is undetermined, but Cindy did send me the little kid that Jordan Overturf created last year for the festival, so she's up to something. I know we've got additional work to do on the "Badges of Courage" banner, and also some Easter Sunday crafting to be thrown in there. We're also both going to be armed with our walking shoes, so we're hoping to get some of that in as well. Yikes. Big day already! ... Looking forward to a special dinner in the not.too.distant future, and otherwise will be beginning our gear-up for L&K's wonderful adventure that's just around the corner! March will be a crazy-busy month, but we're very excited about it, as the weather will match the excitement and anticipation of so many wonderful weddings!

He's working behind the scenes. In front of the scenes, too, but the stuff behind the scenes is always so amazing, since you thought it might have been a failure, or didn't see it coming, or didn't see how it affected you. He's the ultimate producer/director, and it's a thrill to be in His largest production. Me. Blessings to all for a wonderful Wednesday, and be sure to let your creative juices flow at some point today....even if it's just a little! :)

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