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Unveiling of the Official Kite Fest 2018 Colors.of.the.Year!

We know them around here as really cool and festive orange and the teal! We're building a lot around this color theme, but with the two of us crafting, who knows what direction this could take! Looking forward to the event and hopefully, we'll have kite flyers here...

Not much going on at the chapel. We need the rain so much, but we ALSO need to get the new steps on the side of the chapel done in time for L&K's wedding......tick.tick.tick........No matter what, even if the bridal party comes out the front door and I fill the area with ferns....all will be well! We adapt and overcome around here, 24/7. Got a walk in today, as well as new wiper blades on Miss Hydrangea. Even had the top down coming home from Wally World with my "100 Gladiolus Bulb" box. Should be fun!

Everyday doesn't go as planned. We're flawed and broken human beings who are pretty darned functional most of the time, but occasionally go off the rails. Train can't get back on until it's ready.... It'll happen. Be patient with yourself and others. Broken-ness happens...fixing-upper does too. Just takes time and prayer! Blessings to all for a smooth ride along the rails.

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