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Sheer wedding day elegance!

Looking back on the elegant and beautiful wedding day for Shelley and Brad is a true joy. Such lovely people, family and celebration. This table really reflects how special and intimate the day really was. Congratulations, Shelley and Brad, and many years of marital bliss to you!

Quiet at the old chapel today, with overcast weather and not much on the schedule...still a little chilly out there, so we're keeping it inside today, and hopefully catching up on some chores. Progress on the new side steps will start up very soon, and we actually saw buds on the rosebushes yesterday, so that's always a sign of warmer days to come. Also, it's looking like the chapel will again host the St. Joseph's Episcopal Church "Kite Fest" this spring, on April 29th. Mark your calendars!

His mercy endures forever and His forgiveness is divine. Hopefully, you'll have a chance to chat a little with Him during the day today... Tell Him 'hi' from us, too! :) Blessings to all for a tremendous tuesday!

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