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HEB Belton gets mauled by WHD shopping spree!

One of the best parts of Wedding Homecoming Dinner is making the food ourselves. Sheri was so very gracious to spend the day cooking with us, but this photo is from the exciting shopping extravaganza that happened the day before. We hit the store bright and early before Audrey and Darrel arrived. Flowers, wine, beer, salad, pasta, etc., etc. etc. It was all so wonderful. Our own delightful Tammy and Jake from HEB are in the picture, and we were even joined by yet another team member from the store to get it all the in the car! Whew! What fun, and the perfect ingredients for a magical evening the next night. Thanks to HEB Belton for making it happen, Steve in wines, and Tammy's creative touches.

Very quiet day in the chapel today, and it's waiting for a cleaning. Harper is sickly, and Angie's schedule is messed up, so I guess we'll have to focus on the dirty dishes and linens from the weekend. Fun! We'll get it back in shape, little by little. We're excited about Victoria coming to see us later this week, and also Gary and Jody's visit to review the "Scenes From" video with a little supper, vino and fun. Construction has started on the new stone steps on the side of the chapel that will be a beautiful addition to our weddings. Cannot wait! Also having a magical dinner on Oak Crest very soon with the delightful Griselda and Greg....always enjoy our supperclub nights with them!

He's listening, and He's watching. If we'll head in his direction and trust....all will be well. Here's to hoping that everyone has a wonderful day and and even better tomorrow!

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