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Merry Christmas from the Chapel at Caliber Oak!

Well, this tie says Christmas to me, and was one of my gifts from Ronny and Ann Gray! I've never had my very own Christmas tie before, but still have one from my dad from the 50's around here somewhere. Already got to wear it once, and hopefully will be wearing it to church services tomorrow night. Ho, ho and ho!

Kinda quiet at the chapel today in preparation for Christmas. Had a wonderful 'ambush' renewal of vows last night at the chapel for Samantha and Greg Dunaway, and it was so very special. Their daughter, Laura, was married here last year, so it made it extra special and may be the first time we have a mom AND daughter at Wedding Homecoming Dinner! Champagne after the service was fun, and we even got to have supper with the wonderful Jennifer Simmons of My Photo Gal who was able to step in at the last moment when the original photographer ended up with a hospital situation. She saved the day! Congratulations to Samantha and Greg, and cheers to them for many more years of marital happiness!

Prayers for peace on earth this wonderful season, and our genuine wishes for love, laughter and happiness to all our wonderful chapel folks!

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