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Monogrammed mason jar cookie, anyone? Yes, Please!

It's hard to decide which part of this confection is the coolest. Is it the neat shape, monogramming or really neat color that's the best part? Who knows, but #txwildflours did an exceptional job of cookie display here on some really neat sliced, rustic boards. All of the items on the 1937 antique buffet came together so very beautiful for Emily & Noah's special wedding. It's always so neat to be able to greet guests at the door with a buffet like this one laden with goodies and decor-inspired theme items. Well done, y'all!

Chilly outside to me, but apparently, it's supposed to get up to 72 degrees today. Game plan is to take Mrs. M. Arnaz into town tomorrow, since she hasn't had her blue self out of the garage in about a month, and it's going to get too cold in the next couple of weeks otherwise! In the meantime, a Hydrangea trip to Travis and Williamson Counties may be in order at some point today for Christmas perusing. We'll see. Looking forward to our photo shoot here in a couple of days, and B&S's intimate and elegant special day soon after that. ... Loving the chance to wear my Christmas smoking jacket, since Kelly and Chriss fixed my sleeves! Hopefully will wear it tonight! ... Work will hopefully start soon on our new, custom built stairway on the south side of the chapel. We're pretty excited, and think it'll be a nice addition to the place.

He's with us every minute, so worrying really doesn't get us anywhere. It certainly doesn't keep us closer to Him, so "Let it go" ...can't get enough of that Frozen reference! Blessings to all for a tremendous day and remainder of the week! I'm a size 42 short in sport jackets and a 10 1/2 in new ropers.... just sensed y'all needed to know that? heheheheh

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