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THIS is genuine happiness live, right here in our studio!

Do these two seem genuinely happy to you? They do to us! What a treat to have their amazing wedding here, and this may be the very first indoor photo taken of the special couple. We hope for years of happiness and love for Emily and Noah, and know they'll be wonderful together. So very special, and the families were delightful! Blessings to you both, kids!

Well, the dust has settled from all that fun at the chapel, and we're preparing for a fun photo shoot on Friday as well as getting our wrappings and trimmings in order for the celebration of the birth of Christ! Two very special events coming up, black tie Christmas Eve, and our annual seuper-dressy NYE party with brunch the next morning. It'll take a while to recover from that, but our next gig is at 3k3miler after that so we should be ok. Then, apparently, there's some lazing on the beach in Grand Cayman to deal with, but we have the skills for that! Also getting excited for wedding homecoming dinner on January 21, which will be here before we know it! Life passes by fast, but we truly attempt to grab as much as we can from it as we spin!

He's healing, He's watching, and He's providing at every single turn. Don't let the season overwhelm, just let it wash over you. All is calm and all is bright if we let it happen. Don't forget...this is the season to truly ..... wait for it.......... "Let it Go!" God bless us, every one!

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