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Something borrowed, something blue...and don't forget the perfect shoe!

A bride's big day means special-ness from head to toe, and these toes were no exception. Sara had selected some amazing shoes to make her grand entrance on the day of the wedding, and they were truly neat. Small details like this made the day special, and everything our couple did reflected on their appreciation of the chapel. We're so excited that their wedding happened here, and cannot wait to see them again, soon! Congrats again, Sara & Josh!

Busy day at the chapel preparing for E&N's ceremony and reception. The weather is fussing with us just a bit, but no matter, we will have a day of memories for these two that would be unequaled anywhere! Possible rain chances, and not exactly a 72 degree forecast. All is well, and we're set to enjoy, laugh, cry and EAT!

We truly live by example. That doesn't make us perfect, but the actions and treatment we have with others sends a strong message about the kind of person we are. We cannot control the reaction of others to our actions, but we certainly can work to control our own! Blessings to you, dear reader, as you go forth to pray, shop, eat, drink, make merry, and try to find a parking space in these wonderful, anticipatory days before the celebration of His birth. Cheers!

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