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Is this pre-wedding outdoor cuteness, or what!?!??!

In a rare, day shot, Morgan and Josh take a moment's break after getting the custom seating in place. Such a delightful couple, and we can't wait to see them again soon. Wish they lived closer than Galveston, but we'll take it when we can get it! Blessings to you two as we approach your very first Married Christmas!

Down right chilly out there today. Estimates run from 26 to 29 as a low tonight in the area, thank goodness all the plants are in the greenhouse! Chances are, it won't get much lower than 31 here, but that means dribbling outdoor faucets at the main house. Fun. Not. All is good though, since Sarah and Max are coming for supper tonight, and it looks like a fireside meal with maybe a little fleecing of cash during some LCR play after supper. Otherwise, the chapel is quiet this week in anticipation of E&N's great adventure coming up!

We are in his hands, and He counts our days. Let's live them to the fullest and enjoy them as much as we can. All to soon it's over, and we must trust in Him on a basis. Stay warm, my friends!

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