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Absolute joy from a match made in heaven!

What a perfect wedding day, and such a deserving pair! Morgan and Josh's wedding was spectacular in every way, and we truly were honored to help host their biggest party ever! Everything was just a delight, and the families involved were a dream to work with. They're both so nice, we're kind of sorry it's already over, but know they will come visit soon! Blessings to you two for a lifetime of love and happiness!

Slower week at the chapel this week, due to the holiday. This is actually the first year since we built the chapel that we don't have a wedding on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. But....we already have one booked for that day next year, so I guess we'd better enjoy the weekend while we can! :) The place is tidied up with the help of Kelly and Mary, and Nancy came to get the beautiful decor she loaned us for both the St. Joseph's Stewardship Dinner and the Scenes From 4 Friends performance. Thank you, Nancy! We also had 12 tons of beautiful sierra stone delivered yesterday and can't wait for the new 'bridal courtyard upgrade' project to begin after the December weddings. So much fun serving our brides and grooms and so much to look forward to!

Letting negative things go is so important on our faith journey. I love the concept of "Let it go!" from Frozen (also a greatly delivered line by Chief Bogo in Zootopia!). We can't own other people's perceptions, so we must move ahead and just do the best we can. Blessings to all for a tremendous Turkey Week, and be sure to have fun and GOBBLE!

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