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It's the little things that set us apart, really...

What wedding chapel do you know of that would lightly fragrance the linens for the special day? That'd be us. Angie was kind enough to provide this excellent bottle of linen water, and it gets used in the steamers, and on the surfaces, since it smells so good. One more touch of freshness and care we provide to our very special brides and grooms!

Busy and busier at the chapel this week. God a GREAT chandelier hung yesterday with Clemente's help, and I hate to admit it, but it looks pretty cool. Getting ready for M&G's big day, and are so excited. This week reminded us again about how special our couples are, and how blessed we are that only the best end up getting married here. Bridal teams that we can relate to, understand us, and appreciate the place are the core of our life at the chapel. Gives us more energy for the great couples we have! :)..... Lawn looks great, rain seems to be over and set up progress continues. Love it, love it!

Moment by moment, He's helping. Healing, prayers, answers, strength and love. He's got it all, and all we have to do is ask for it! Blessings to everyone for a great mid-week and beyond! Rock the second half of this week, y'all! Woohoooo!

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