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More pictures of china, Captain Rick? Really?!??!?

One must be exposed to many patterns to become immersed in the china, Grasshopper... Well, anyway, I think it's fun to share our treasures, so git over it! This little beauty is assumed to be from occupied Japan after WWII, and as a result, has more value and is more unique. We only have one of these, but the important oval seal and excellent imperial striping make this very, very special. Cake me. Canape me. ....can you hear it? Ready to go to work! So thankful for our beautiful patterns that reflect our chapel life.

Nothing going on at the chapel today, but THEN it's two days of activity. Can't wait for the fun visits on the schedule this weekend already, and more to come. Working on a special lighting project today that may make one more step towards the launch pad and liftoff, but we'll see. Everyday at the chapel is a great matter WHAT is going on!!!:)

Blessings from unexpected places. Blessings in small, daily life events. He's here, and He loves us. Open up and bring Him on in! Our hope for blessings to each of you today, as we pray for so many in need. Have a great Friday!

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