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Prayers continue for our excellent Rory!

As many of you already know, Rory was injured in a bad accident not too long ago, and has had multiple surgeries, lots of pain and a way to go. Every day, we say prayers for Rory, and the other day, as I passed the photo of he and Amy in the chapel, I was prompted to say another prayer, so this photo is a great talisman and reminder to pray some more as I pass by. Blessings to Amy and Rory and we can't wait until he's up and running again!

Not much going on at the chapel today. It was the scene of an outstanding tuna casserole last night for supper, but otherwise, things are pretty laid back. Grass needs to be mowed, place needs to be tidied, and it's getting cleaned tomorrow, and then preparations will begin for M&G's great adventure day! Cannot wait for that fun! Mrs. Arnaz, the '71 Eldorado that so many brides and grooms have had as part of their wedding, got a new tire valve stem this morning, fresh air in all her tires, and a air shock 'lift' in the back. She is refreshed and feeling fine for the upcoming fall events! Woohooo!

His blessings are endless. If we're listening, complying to the best of our abilities, and caring for's in the bag. Blessings to all for a tremendous week, and a wonderful Monday to start it all off!

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