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The BIG DAY finally came, and it was fabulous!

What a magical wedding day for these two! Congratulations, Mara & Chance, and it was so very wonderful to have your wedding here. Everyone was so delightful and truly seemed to be enjoying the joining of your two families! Weather was sunny and happy and so were the bride and groom. We've had 2 people tell us that they never saw the bride and groom NOT smiling all day and all night! Many years of happiness for these two, and the 'event painting' that happened was amazing as well! Blessings to M&C!

Slowly recovering from an excellent wedding weekend and a very busy monday as well! Things are going back into place, getting tidied up, and had a wonderful visit with M&J as they move closer to their dream wedding at the chapel. Many thanks to all that made this weekend possible, and kept us on track! We even got to see Jody and Gary for "Scenes from 4 Friends" rehearsal, so things couldn't have been better. Just routine touch ups around the chapel this week, with not a lot of activity. Looking forward to R&C's next visit when we can work that out on the calendars...

He's going to continue to guide, steer and help you along every step of the way. Sometimes, we are not as pliable in the steering-wheel department as we should probably be, but He waits. When we start to get more wisdom and see where we're going....the blessing is amazing. Isn't He wonderful!??!!? Crazy large blessings to all this week in all that you do!

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