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Sometimes birthdays at the chapel are almost 2-dimensional!

Think of the calories saved when the cake is merely printed on the napkin, rather than served...but JUST as beautiful! These were the lovely birthday napkins Sheri brought for the impromptu party....and as usual... not a detail was missed. Such a pretty graphic, and typical of her sense of style. Had a fine birthday dinner of evil foods and yummy stuff! Now to sleep for about 3 days!

All is wonderful and well at the chapel, and we're praying for our friend, Jean, who's in Puerto Rico right now. Looks like she'll fare well, and also looks like our booking at the condo in Grand Cayman is hopefully still a go, as Irma doesn't seem that interested in that particular island chain. Cleaned up today from the birthday festivities, and still eating off all the food. I cannot believe how many wonderful blessings and messages I've received today! .........the lawn is TALL, and will be ready for Mara and Chance's big day. Such a blessing to have a lovely, green courtyard for fall weddings, as it's been a few years since that's happened. Roses are in bloom, zinnias still look great, and vineworks are climbing to the skies! Surrounded by such bliss and abundance. We truly are blessed and grateful!

He changes us slowly, usually. It's little things, but they're all for the best. When you wonder why something rather unusual or pointless has happened....don't forget....HE has the plan, and there was a reason for everything that happened to you today. Don't forget it, and embrace it even more fully tomorrow! Bon Nuit, y'all!

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