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Colorful and yummy enough for an intimate wedding party...

While yesterday's repast wasn't actually a wedding, there WERE married people here! It's always fun to see what gets served and think about how neat some of the alternatives would be to more standard wedding fare. Maybe a cheese board, crudite selection and artisan breads, kind of all plattered out together as they mix and mingle.... Just a thought, and a pretty one at that!

Rehearsed for "Scenes From Four Friends", got to talk politics, weather and the like. Such a fun visit, as always, and the rain did not damper our lively exchange. Our prayers continue to go out to Rory and the folks in Houston. Also, this morning, we learned of the passing of an American hero, Hank Plume, who has gone to joy Kay in a much better place. Hank passed away this morning, and is the father and of Pam and Bruce Orga. Pam and Bruce met at our wedding in 1986, and Bruce was our best man. Hank was a great man and a true hero. We know the two of them are up there making a daily margarita as we speak!

He brings us, He takes us. That's how it goes. It's what we do in between that matters. We can weather any storm with Him by our side. Blessings to you today, and why not reach out to see if someone you know is in need. It'll feel great to help them out!

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