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What a neat shot! A party is about to go down here!

Love the vintage dishes, love the lighting and love the focus on our special couple. This is a look that frequently begins the happiest party of our bride and groom lives at this point. Awesome, and we're so thankful that couples trust us to make their day so very special!

Outstanding steel cut oats this morning after a beautiful massage by none other than Linda Egg! She's the bomb, y'all, and if you never need to be 'fixed'...not like a shelter dog, I mean muscularly!....she's the woman to see. Conveniently located to the chapel, and oh, so healing on a regular basis. ....Today, we get to see our special Sheri Joseph for a fun meal, and we're gearing up for the rain at the coast from Hurricane Harvey. At least his name is cool, but sounds like he's not. Our prayers are with all at the splendid Texas Coast, but especially Nancy and Don Parker who so very recently hosted us so grandly. Prayers going out. Also, prayers continue for our Rory Barros as he recovers from taking an automotive beating, and also Cor's son Jess. Lots of prayers being sent up, but we think that's how He likes it! .........Amazingly, the centerpiece Ft. Hood chandelier became disabled a couple of weeks ago, and the truly talented Clemente fixed it yesterday. Of COURSE the spot where a squirrel had chewed through wires was at the very top....about 3 stories up from my perspective, but it got fixed and we're so very thankful for everything that Clemente does for us.

Letting go of OUR agenda and latching on to His. Linda and I had a great convo this morning about doing just that. Let's not be frazzled when things look hazy, but instead, know all the more that He's got the plan! Blessings to all for a safe and sane weekend. Don't forget....if there's water over the road, DON'T. Just DON'T!

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