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What does this say about a bride?

I love the Donna Reed effect here. Mis-matched vintage reproduction tea towels that can be utilized to make a luncheon fun-cheon. Vintage warmth and pattern are our forte', so this look is right up our alley.... Maybe used in the buffet portion of a vintage tableau, or even used around the cake table, bar, for napkins, almost everywhere! It's certainly not EVERY bride's look, but we find that a bride that understands this concept is someone who pretty much gets us. Which, ipso facto, makes her very, very cool. :)

Chapel is a buzzin' after a long, wonderful, relaxing vacation on the Oregon coast! Got out of there just before the eclipse craziness set in, and it was a trip to remember. Having a special dinner at Caliber Oak this weekend, and SO MANY wonderful new visitors and potential couples to meet. We're truly blessed. Can't wait for our #1 Handydude to come back this week to get things in order.... We also can't thank Sarah Sanderford enough for her expert and generous watering of all things living! It's the only way things survive when we're gone in the summer. Excited to be not only hosting the St. Joseph's Stewardship dinner again this year, but also St. Louis King of France School from Austin next year for their retreat! We're so thankful to be able to give back. Miss Alice Fleetwood is out of the shop with icy cold A/C, but now a new rattle under the hood. When a lady of a certain age needs attention, it usually comes in spades. It's all good, Miss Alice. You're in good hands! Also, a new, tiny, teeny funmobile is about to be unleashed at Caliber Oak in the near future, so watch for those developments! Certainly a family of 2 needs 5 cars, right?!?!?! Well, one little green one is going on the market, hopefully before the end of the year....

My new blessing journal is just that. A blessing. Bought it in the really cool hardware store in Yachats, OR, and am up to about blessing #50. Relaxing, reflecting, and realizing how much He's providing second by second, every single moment of our lives. WE couldn't be in better hands! Blessings to you, dear reader, for a wonderful weekend. Don't forget not to freak out monday when it gets a little dark in the morning! :)

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