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Who could resist THIS happy face?!?!?

The vine is happy and all around us shines. These cooler temperatures have certainly been a blessing. Worked on the chapel kitchen floor today.......only one more coat of polyurethane to go! Wooohoo! All is wonderful underfoot and above. The spa has a new filter, and the Mr. Clean white 'miracle' sponges Angie has provided have really kept the sides neat and clean. Maybe I spent an hour in the hot tub today reading Anthony Doerr, or maybe I didn't. Guess we'll never know! Looking forward to ice cream and white wine headed this way from town after the boss' workout. So looking forward to upcoming events at the chapel and beyond!

When we get these unexpected respites from the horrifically hot weather, it's such a great blessing. Only in Texas do we say.....' front! It's only 89 today!" But it's true. All the plants take a breather and it's 'heat lamps off' for a few, blissful hours. Miss Alice is being polished for a very special evening out that we're so looking forward to having. The Cap may even take a bath! Wow......bells are POPPIN' around here!

He's providing. Every minute. Every day. Sometimes, he provides relief from folks that don't appreciate His grace...and feel that they can do it on their own. As we all get older, it's harder and harder to suffer such foolishness. Just smile and wave and maybe when you get bigger, you'll understand Who is in charge!??! :) Blessings to all for a magical evening and a very special end of the week tomorrow!

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