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And a fabulous performance was had by all!

Many thanks to Felicity, Terry, Martha and Penny for being here on Sunday night to provide such beautiful music for the school fundraiser. Almost $2,000 raised and a tremendous program that was just right for the audience. Everyone stuck around MUCH longer than usual on a Sunday night for refreshments and visiting, so that was really icing on the cake. What a blessing that the chapel is able to host such great fundraisers for such good causes!

A crazy-blessed day we've been dreaming of for quite a while is unfolding in about 2 hours. The wonderful R&C are coming to select and plan their wedding setup and design. We couldn't be more happy, and also could not be more honored to be having this 'celebrity' wedding at the chapel! We've loved him for years, and she is absolute magic and a wonderful match. God bless them both, and how fun all around! THEN in the evening, we get our pink Barbie tent back from the Belton CofC and apparently, there's a Chapel/Chamber high-level, hush-hush meeting happening. Can't talk about it. Hehehhe. Will post pictures later!

Open to His flow. Whatever He brings is what we need. Sometimes, esp when we specifically ask for his protection, discernment and wisdom, He actually REMOVES things and people from our environment that aren't in our best interest. Pretty cool, eh? Blessings to all for a wonderful day with all the junk you shouldn't have around you removed from your path!

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