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These smiles say MAGICAL WEDDING! :)

You can tell by the genuine, happy smiles that this wedding was a smash-hit! These two look wildly happy and they really did have a wonderful wedding with lots of fun guests and dancing! Wooohoo! I heard their officiant was pretty darned good, too (blush). Many happy years of best wishes for Stephanie and John! Blessings to you both!

Virtually no activity at the chapel today. Working on projects at the house, but the chapel linens will certainly continue to be cleaned, dried, folded and pressed for the next big event. The recent rains and sunshine have made the flowers at the chapel just amazing. God word late last night that C&C have made the decision to have their excellent wedding at our chapel, so we're all excited about that!

He gets you through it. Every time. Even when you think things might not turn out well, just knowing that He's paving the way for you and wants the best for you makes it all just fine. Blessings to all for a great day of blessings and love!

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