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And what in the world does this picture have to do with the chapel? EVERYthing!

We are always tremendously honored when our brides and grooms continue to help us with wedding events and feel so comfortable continuing their lives with us in them. Topping the list of honors is when a couple who've been married at the chapel are kind enough to entertain us in their homes, and it's always so special. This picture is from Sunday night's AMAZING dinner (thank you, Angie & James) and our subject here is the lovely and talented Harper! Not only is she a product of a wedding at Caliber Oak, but she was also baptized by yours truly at the chapel as well. Clearly, this picture has EVERYthing to do with our beloved chapel. Although, while I'm not a parent, it seems like that's quite a bit of red wine for a child that age. Not judging, but....hehehehhe!

Cleaning is happening at the chapel today, and a lovely couple is coming to see us. Tremendous wedding this weekend of Stephanie and John that went off without a hitch, DESPITE, the imminent rain threat! What a special day and evening, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness! Bev's still coming to get stuff this week, and we're starting to prepare for the July 23rd charity performance. Mark that date on your calendars to be here....more details to follow, but you will not want to miss the world-class performers who will be in the house that night!

Trusting. It seems to be the centerpoint of faith for us, and also, I just realized, a pretty good counterpoint to worry. If you have trust, you don't worry, and if you're not trusting, you'd be worrying all the time! Take the time to say a prayer today, and He'll let you know you're on the right track! Blessings to all for a wonderful day!

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