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Beauty and deliciousness all in one spot!

This was the amazing desert table for the special St. Stephen group that Laura hosted at the chapel. Not only did the flowers go exactly right with the table cloth (thank you, Cindy Cashion!) but the beautiful tablecloth Sheri brought back from Fatima was finally used in just the right celebration. Yeah, we know that at weddings this antique dressing table is used as a bar. I think Our Lady would approve. Who else asks their Son to turn water into wine?!?!? Think about it! :) Angie's cookies were a tremendous hit, and not only looked beautiful, but tasted their usual yumminess! Love showing photos of such a special and meaning-filled event...

Not hanging at the chapel today. A/C is on 88 degrees, and it's pretty warm in there, since we're not. Working on the major bathroom floor painting project at the main house, and 2 fountains, and another new, beautiful cross. Need to paint the new front porch posts on the chapel before S&J's great adventure next weekend, but we'll get there! Excited to have been able to be at the 'announcers' meeting at the Belton CofC to get ready for the big July 4th parade. 10 parades in the country, according to USA Today, and one of the oldest continual 4th of July parades in our nation. Why would you be anywhere else that morning? Seriously?

Letting Him show you the way. Living within His protection. It's all so danged wonderful. Have Him show you the way today, if you've got time! Blessings to all for a beautiful, artistic and peaceful day!

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