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Another couple's sign on the celebration tree!!!

What a treat it was to have Heather and Robert out here yesterday to put up their sign! Great design, and a special couple. Also, apparently, you cannot come and put up your sign unless your shirt has some kind of writing on it? Who knew? Such a great couple and such a wonderful wedding. Robert and I got to talk guns and play with a few, and it was a truly fun visit. Sadly, the wedding apparently cost so much that Robert doesn't have any shoes anymore? :)

Had a wonderfullest wedding this last weekend with the delightful Tabatha and Craig. Beautiful setup, great kids, and fun all around. Can't remember the last wedding where I sipped the same drink with the mother.of.the.groom.... but that was good gin, y'all! (Also, don't forget that National Gin Day is June 10th. Plan accordingly.) .... Gearing up for an exciting weekend to come, as I've been honored to be asked to be the announcer for a special Cancer 5k here in our village. We know at least ONE of our brides will be there (the fabulous Missy Angel that takes care of so many CA patients)... Love being asked to help make it happen. Also, many of you know that June 4 is the special "History of Salado" theatrical presentation for the Salado Historical Society at Barrow Brewing. Get your tickets early. There's already discussion of a sold out house. .... I loved looking at the tree yesterday and telling Heather/Robert all about the other signs that are up there...a walk down memory lane, per se. Thankful for all the brides and grooms that have trusted us with their biggest of days, and hope to have more signs up this year! Just think.......the next couple to get their sign up might get TWO bottles of champagne at the photo op, since Heather and Robert didn't need any! ..... Ordered the COOL-est frock coat that I've wanted for 20+ years last night. That'll be my official 'marryin' coat' unless a bride instructs me otherwise. ...... Special family members headed our way (two different groups), and life just keeps getting better and better.

Sometimes the blessings come so fast and furiously, we don't have time to count them. At the time! Later, it's so cool to catalog our wonderful blessings and share them with others. Have a great day, peeps!

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