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Kite Fest must be's even in the books I'm reading!

Laughed out loud at this! Kite fest is SO almost here that the theme showed up in the book I was reading the other day! Kites truly do connect us with childhood and happy memories. We'll just pray for wind and no rain that day! Regardless, there'll be hot dogs and chips for all....with an appearance by Ben Franklin. April 30th, @ 1p @ the chapel! Can't wait!

Headed out this morning to the Lion's Club garage sale in town. Found some old silverplate cutlery, a large Wedgwood platter (Paid $10, listed online for $ a bargain!) and a cool Austrian cup and saucer that'll add to the antique set at the chapel. Back home again and preparing for a lovely 'farewell' luncheon with our friend Bea Lamb, who is moving away. We'll miss her, but know she'll have a great time where she's going. Roses are blooming like crazy, and switching from hasta-grow to rose food for their specific needs was a wise decision. Setup starts monday for H&R's great adventure, and we're looking forward to the Youphoria Team here tomorrow for some training and fun. Supposed to rain almost all day tomorrow, so the Fleetwood probably won't get polished, but life goes on. We'll at least have to take her 'window bandage' off so that she'll sparkle when it's time.

Some days are quiet days, and some days are wild days. It's fun, since this morning as my feet literally hit the floor getting out of bed....I spoke to the Big Guy and asked him to direct my steps and activities today. What a great feeling to know you're working with the Ultimate Travel Agent! Blessings to all for a well-Guided day of fun and happiness!

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