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Vendor Spotlight - Carol Redman

One of our wonderful brides, Mara, asked me this weekend about the excellent seamstress that Denise and I had told her about, and I took this photo of Carol's card. Thought it would be fun to share with all, since alteration needs come up quite frequently for many folks. Carol has done some wonderful work for both Denise and I, and Denise relies on her exclusively for modifications to her new year's eve gowns. Excellent work, very fair pricing, and nice and quick turn-around times. Thank you, Carol, for your outstanding work for us and our wonderful brides!

Sipping tea at 3:04 a.m. this morning, since sleep was not happening at just now. Had a wonderful day, and looking forward to a memorable one today. Everything is in place for a wonderful event, and the weather promises to be excellent, as well. Planning to eat some great food and get to visit with some very nice folks, as two become one. This time of year is especially nice, since our temperatures haven't peaked, but the chill is out of the air. Rain is always a risk, but today's forecast is 'golden' as we say here at the chapel. Lots of other activities in the next few days, and El Capitain has finally ordered kites for the kite festival on April 30th so that young 'uns who don't have their own can still soar. Looking forward to meeting with the STJ Kite Fest Team this week as well, as the big event draws near.

He knows what we'd like...and sometimes we get it. When we feel frustrated that a desired result is taking 'too long', we just need to remember that on His time table, we're right on time. Relaxing and knowing He's got it all under control is one of the largest blessings on this earth. Hope you're enjoying that peace today! Blessings to you for a wonderful weekend!

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