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A little more fun with the Terrills!

As I slowly get photos out from the Tex Appeal photo shoot day, it's fun to see these folks in action. Thank you again, Julie, for such great shots and fun memories!

A wonderful day at the chapel today, as we prepare for this weekend's grand adventure with S&L! Got lots done today with Angie's help, and little remains for setup between now and the event. Beautiful weather at the chapel today, and we'll need to do some weed/lawn cutting before the weekend. Supposed to rain between now and then, but the wedding day is predicted to be rain-free! Let us pray!

Letting the events and plans fall where they may in respect to His guidance. It's unavoidable, but when you're embracing the direction, it's an adventure! Blessings to you, and hope you're enjoying the journey He has you on right now!

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