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Between the gate and the chapel, spring is springing!

Always one of our favorite sights during the year is the return of the beautiful bluebonnets! Spring is truly just around the corner if these little fellows are here, and these are just along the road on the way up to the chapel. Truly pretty and genuinely smelling good, if you get enough of them together. Welcome, spring!

Wonderful day at the chapel today, and got some great finds at the Bell County Garage Sale to benefit the Bell County Museum. Found 4 plates for $5 that retail for about $100, and some neat, smaller plates for wedding service at the chapel. Got to go to Home Depot to get our new range for the main house kitchen, as we had a minor short circuit, sparkfest, smoking excitement on the 1950 Monarch range that has sadly seen its last meal. Alas, but the new oven 1) works! and 2) is self cleaning! Woooohoooo! (Not that we ever cleaned the other one......but I digress). Sheri came by to do a very generous donation to the Armed Services YMCA and brought us beautiful gifts. An excellent colored-glass pitcher from Tyler's (perfect for post-Lenten martinis, btw!) and a stunning Cezch serving tray that's really beautiful. Thank you for your continued generosity, Sheri! ....three great visits tomorrow to the chapel, as well! Wooooohooo, indeed!

He's here all the time. Small voice inside... Clear direction... a continual helping hand. How would we get through the day without Him!?!?! Blessings to all our readers, and a blessed Sunday to each and every one of you!

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