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Some kids get ALL the cool stuff!

After Kelly saw the amazing Golden Books bird houses that Cindy and I have been creating for the past few weeks, she asked for a Pooh version. Amazingly, out of the books Angie had provided to us, there was a Pooh book in the group! As a result, Colt's Pooh bird house (this is the back, btw) is finished as of today, and we hope it'll look great in his room. Apparently, he's a big WTP fan, so this should be a hit. You GO, Pooh! :)

Started the day right with our bird house development session, and plans are starting to be formulated in our heads on how they'll hopefully be used for Easter Sunday. Weather is always a factor. ...Setup continues for this weekend's wonderful union of A&G at the chapel, and we can't WAIT! The weather has been on again, off again for forecast, but no matter, it will be lovely. Thankful that the last report was for no rain that day! ...Otherwise, just flying low today, and getting a few things done. We're looking forward to tomorrow, when Apprentice Sara comes to help with more setup for the wedding day.

Listening to the little voice. It's important and part of our communication with Him. I had a strong message this morning to check in on someone who was very present in my thoughts from the minute I woke up, and while everything seems to be fine, it's always good to follow up. You never know where He may need you in the life of someone else! Blessings to you for an amazing middle of the week and an appreciation of each moment!

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