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Our kind of chapel romance! Semi-auto!

..."The couple that shoots together, stays together"...Well, what could possibly be more romantic than a St. Valentine's Day celebration that involves selecting your wedding vows and getting to shoot your new pistol?!?!?? Match made in heaven, right there! The day started out with M&G coming to go over their vows with Cap, and then the announcement was made that our wonderful new bride has bought an excellent new gun for her groom for St. Valentine's Day! Well, needless to say, within minutes this paper plate didn't have long to live! Where else can you come to the wedding chapel where your wedding is going to be, go over your vows, and blast away at the range to make St. Valentine's Day special!?!?! That's right......none other than HERE! Congratulations to these two, and nice shooting, kids! Proud!

St. Valentine's Day at the chapel has always been a pretty quiet one. We've never actually had a 'Valentine's Day' wedding here, which makes perfect sense, since our couples take this pledge to each other pretty darned serious. It's also not a good day to generally ask a florist to do your entire wedding! :) Anyhoo, day started great with our own in-house expert marksman, Bryan, bringing Cap's .32 auto back and not only did he clean it, but re-blued the slide, etc. It's beautiful, and like brand new. Love the way the grooms take care of the old Cap! It's back in service and protecting us all, little .32 cal bullet at a time when out and about! Truly enjoyed another outstanding visit with Bryan, and so proud of his progress at work. Star material. ... Headed into town to get an amazing massage from Linda P. Egg, and it couldn't have been better. After that, it was time to head to the stores to see what trinkets could be obtained for the lovely and talented Mrs. Boss...and thankfully came up with a couple of moderately lame, not.very.romantic items....but this isn't a day we exchange much. The cool part is having lobster tails, French taters, and champagne tonight! Might even get in a romantic, bedtime viewing of more "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" episodes from WGBH in the '60's! All that pounding, chopping, and dicing! Just like marriage! heheheheh. Tomorrow's got some fun stuff in store a the chapel, so life goes on as He continues to provide!

Visual images and aesthetics play a large role in prayer and faith for many of us. I'm one of those folks. Location of prayer, physicality of prayer, and prayer surroundings can truly enhance the communication experience with Him. If you're not connecting as you'd like in your prayer life sure to explore other places, spaces, and surroundings. He's everywhere, but sometimes that right prayer shawl, candle, softness, or vintage surrounding can make a wonderful difference! Get in the saddle, and give Him a shout today! He'd love to hear from you!

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