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Guess who turned 16 this weekend??!?!?!

Congratulations, Minnie! (A.K.A. "Kota", "Minn-Kota") The old girl is approximately 16 this week, and it was 15 years ago that she came into our lives. Still rolling with excitement, energy and love (mostly love!) and while she has her slower days, her younger sisters keep her going! She's been such a great and faithful companion for so many years. May God bless her and give her a few more great ones! Blessings to you, my dear!

Crazy busy day at the chapel today! Sara, our new UMHB Apprentice, is coming today for her first visit into the inner-workings of the Chapel at Caliber Oak, and we're looking forward to the fun, as she's a delight. Angie is coming today to get things sparkly all around, and then a shooting party comes out to the range. To top it all off, Cap gets a massage later as well! Never a dull moment around here. The weather has also been so very lovely, that it's a joy to be outside.

Conditioning ourselves to receive blessings with grace is a great skill to practice. Somethings come that we'd prefer not to have, and other things are a joy to receive. Dealing with whatever comes along in His plan is the key, and makes us so much more satisfied with His will. Blessings to all for a great day, and a wonderful rest of the week!

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