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Congratulations to Captain Chris!

I looked at my phone earlier today and had this photo staring at me. I felt like a slacker and hadn't even done anything wrong yet today! I was gently being reminded to change my contact information for this officer to the rank of Captain. :) This is one of the newest, officially minted United States Army Captains in circulation, and we couldn't be more proud. One of our stellar grooms, father to the new and cuddly Dane, and the husband of our beloved Jess. We just got to see them at wedding homecoming and on Chris' birthday, and knew this promo was a done deal. It's fun seeing it on this leader's uniform, though! God bless you, Cpt. Chris, and thank you for your dedication to our country. You are a genuine hero in our world!

Today is creativity day at the chapel! Woohooo! We're talking hot glue, cardboard, old books, burned fingers, glitter, exacto knives, the works! Can't wait to work together with our delightful Cindy Cashion on a series of really cool projects that will be memories for years to come. Just found out we're having chicken for lunch, and Even had a shot across the bow this morning that Tim may be coming out to send some lead flying at the range today. Wooohoo!

Saying it again, since it's sticking with me. A plate that's full of faith has no room for a side-order of steaming doubt with worry sauce. Love that analogy, and hope everyone has a terrific day!

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